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City of Toronto - Toronto Tower Renewal


This project involves improving the sustainability of over 1,000 high-rise residential buildings throughout the City by investigating pilot sites and implementing strategies to determine the overall best retrofit approaches. The project establishes the role of existing buildings throughout the City of Toronto with respect to their contribution to the City’s overall storm drainage and management infrastructure, and identifies opportunities to reduce the dependency of these properties on the downstream receiving storm systems.


For the City of Toronto, The Municipal Infrastructure Group Ltd., in association with Schollen & Company, was retained to complete a feasibility study and analysis of five pilot site buildings with respect to stormwater management, leading to the development of a business case for the retrofit of tower renewal sites throughout the City.


This project includes the preparation and implementation of potential LID’s that coordinate with the City of Toronto’s Wet Weather Flow Management Guidelines and Green Development Standard. These LID’s are assessed based on the feasibility of each practice when applied at different types of urban sites containing high-rise residential buildings built in the 1960s.


CLIENT: City of Toronto
CONTACT: Eleanor McAteer
LOCATION: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
DURATION: 2010-Ongoing