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Art with Purpose: Sherbourne Common

Seeking solace in the familiar, Sherbourne Common lies on landmark soil in the heart of Toronto’s industrial waterfront. Vacant for years, this legendary land has been given a much needed facelift to lure communities back to this historic area. As part of these monumental revitalization efforts, Waterfront Toronto enlisted the help of a team of experts to design and execute Sherbourne Common, an innovative 1.5 hectare space that serves as a water treatment facility and pet-friendly public park. Complete with a splash pad and public art features, this new addition to Toronto’s waterside anchors a series of new developments headed for this scenic area.

Providing full engineering, design and contract administration services to the park and all of its amenities, The Municipal Infrastructure Group Ltd. stands as one of the firms responsible for providing the park with fresh, clean Lake Ontario water using ultraviolet treatment technology that refines this raw water into a healthy, reusable resource. Whether your day is spent dodging jets of water from the interactive splash pad or basking in the stunning stature of the sleek scrim walls, Sherbourne Common serves as a sculptural masterpiece and a beacon of hope for what is to come for the future of Toronto's waterfront community—a place where art truly has purpose.

Want more? Check out some of the videos below.

Grand Opening of Sherbourne Common North (Credit: Waterfront Toronto)

Chris Hume visits Sherbourne Common North (Credit: Waterfront Toronto)

Sherbourne Common North Construction Time Lapse (Credit: Waterfront Toronto)


Waterfront Toronto
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
DURATION: 2007-2011
CONSTRUCTION EST: $2.1 Million (servicing only)