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Town of Richmond Hill - Richmond Hill MESP


Since the 1970’s Richmond Hill has seen rapid population growth, urbanization and cultural diversification making the municipality one of the fastest growing in Canada. Richmond Hill has been progressive in implementing sound planning based on environmental principles and to accommodate continued growth and intensification. The municipality has long promoted an ‘environmental first’ approach to planning sustainable growth and a continued commitment to the protection of its natural heritage system. For this reason, The Town of Richmond Hill decided to develop a MESP to consider the municipal infrastructure needs of the community within the context of the new Official Plan, and establish a feasible, sustainable, and innovative strategy for its intensification growth areas that satisfies all applicable regulatory criteria.


For the Town of Richmond Hill, The Municipal Infrastructure Group Ltd. (TMIG), has been retained to develop a Master Environmental Servicing Plan (MESP) to complement the new Official Plan and to direct the municipal water, wastewater, stormwater, roads, greenways, and energy infrastructure improvements required to support growth within intensification centres along the Yonge Street Corridor.


The TMIG team worked closely with the Town’s Engineering and Planning staff to develop the MESP. Works included extensive wastewater flow monitoring and water/wastewater modeling using AquaCAD and InfoSewer. Works also included traffic volume counts, level of service analysis for key intersections in the study area, and a review of the potential use of Travel Demand Management (TMD), and a feasibility analysis for the implementation of a District Energy System and a Community Energy System and a Community Energy Plan within the study area.


CLIENT: Town of Richmond Hill
LOCATION: Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada
DURATION: 2011-Ongoing