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North Oakville East Cost Sharing


The North Oakville East lands consist of approximately 5,500 acres that will be developed for both residential and employment land uses. The area has incorporated sustainable planning objectives that will be implemented through extensive Natural Heritage System lands and distinct Core community areas. Build out is expected to span a period of approximately 20 years.


The Municipal Infrastructure Group Ltd. is providing cost sharing engineer services to the landowner group. These include advising on the development of cost sharing principles; the establishment of an effective and efficient cost tracking system; the development of schedules for inclusion in the cost sharing agreement; and the ongoing administration of claims and reconciliations as registrations occur and expenses are incurred.


Due to the long, linear nature of the land area itself, a multi-tiered sharing system was established that allows the benefit of certain costs to be allocated in a more effective manner and that limits exposure to expenses during the build out process. Additionally, with over 200 landowners to be considered, the sheer volume of information required the implementation of a cost tracking system that provides maximum flexibility; and the automation of data management to the largest extent possible.


North Oakville Community Builders Inc.
Oakville, Ontario, Canada
DURATION: 2007-Ongoing