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Countryside Villages Cost Sharing


The Countryside Villages community is comprised of approximately 140 ha of employment area and approximately 460 ha of residential land uses. A large City park will be situated at the centre of the plan, with school and retail amenities spread throughout the community. Over 75 landowners have currently been identified with build out to occur over a 15 to 20 year period.


The Municipal Infrastructure Group Ltd. has been retained to provide cost sharing engineer services to the landowner group. These include advising on the development of cost sharing principles; the establishment of an effective and efficient cost tracking system; the development of schedules for inclusion in the cost sharing agreement; and the ongoing administration of claims and reconciliations as registrations occur and expenses are incurred.


As the community is traversed by significant arterial roads that have created distinct precincts, a tiered approach to cost sharing has been established for the community. This will allow for a better distribution of "benefit” on certain shareable items while at the same time recognizing that the area has been planned as an integrated community. The management of costs from such a significant land area will require a consistent and organized tracking system that also incorporates flexibility to adapt with the overall development process.


Brampton Area 48 Landowners Inc.
Brampton, Ontario, Canada
DURATION: 2008-Ongoing