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Sherwood Survey Community


The Sherwood Survey Community includes 2000 acres of land in Milton, Ontario. Low and medium-density residential housing, commercial and business lands, together with schools, parks, and other recreational facilities comprise this multi-phase development community located to the west and south west of the original urban area.


The Municipal Infrastructure Group Ltd. has been providing landowner group engineering services for the Sherwood Survey Community since 2003. Services included peer review analyses of the Region of Halton’s Master Water / Wastewater Servicing Plan as well as the Town of Milton’s Secondary Plan background studies (subwatershed studies, environmental studies, and servicing studies). TMIG also coordinated and completed a series of six Subwatershed Impact Study reports, which entailed multi-disciplinary master environmental and servicing assessments in support of the future development of the subject areas. In addition, TMIG completed detailed design of trunk watermain works, the detailed design of a temporary sanitary pump station, and provided technical advice in support of the Landowner’s Group cost sharing agreement.


CLIENT: Sherwood Survey Landowners Group
Milton, Ontario, Canada
DURATION: 2003-2009