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North Humber Extension Neighborhood


The proposed North Humber Extension Neighbourhood is a 25-hectare site near Kleinburg, proposed for estate residential development. Stormwater management for the greenfield residential development is proposed via Low Impact Development measures within the ROW.


The Municipal Infrastructure Group Ltd. (TMIG) was retained by landowners within the North Humber Extension area to undertake studies and complete analyses to establish a functional servicing plan for a proposed residential development. The site was recognized as an opportunity to undertake a pilot project that would study the implementation of low impact development measures. The stormwater management strategy being proposed is based on implementing distributed low impact source and conveyance measures in lieu of traditional storm sewers and a water quality treatment stormwater management pond. Stormwater quantity control is not required due to the proximity of the site to the Humber River.


CLIENT: Sorbara / Humphries Planning Group
City of Vaughan, Ontario, Canada
DURATION: 2007-Ongoing