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Sherbourne Park – Pumping Station and UV Treatment


Sherbourne Park is a 1.5 hectare public space proposed in the heart of the East Bayfront redevelopment precinct of Toronto’s waterfront. The park is to serve as an amenity to the new community of mixed residential, employment, and commercial space.


The Municipal Infrastructure Group Ltd. is providing full engineering, design, and contract administration for the pumping station and UV treatment. Services include treating the water and providing it to the proposed park features.


The submersible pumping station has been designed to accommodate a divided wet well.  Each divided cell within the wet well will be equipped with a submersible pump, complete with associated discharge piping and valving.  Upstream, all discharge piping connects to a common discharge header located within the pumping station’s basement structure.  The basement also contains the remainder of the process equipment, including the UV units.   The UV system consists of two units, each of which can operate at a flow rate of 70 L/s (providing 100% standby capacity for the design flow rate of 70 L/s), with spatial allowance to permit the future expansion of the UV system treatment capacity to 140 L/s (c/w 50% standby capacity) complete with flow and turbidity monitoring.  In both cases, the UV system has been designed with standby capacity in the event one of the duty UV units is unavailable for service.


Waterfront Toronto
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
DURATION: 2007-Ongoing
CONSTRUCTION EST: Approx. $ 1.5 Million (Pumping Station and UV Treatment)