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Waterfront Toronto - East Bayfront


The East Bayfront Redevelopment project for Waterfront Toronto involves servicing the 22 hectare site situated between Lakeshore Boulevard and Lake Ontario at Jarvis Street to Parliament Street. Eventually East Bayfront will contain 7000 residential units, employment for 8000 people, 1,000,000 square feet of commercial space along with a large central park. Notable features include Sherbourne Park, Sugar Beach, and a stormwater management system integrated with the water’s edge promenade and boardwalk.


For Waterfront Toronto, The Municipal Infrastructure Group Ltd. is providing full engineering services including the functional design, preliminary design, detailed design, and contract administration of the proposed roads, watermains, sanitary sewers, storm sewers, storm water management measures, and utility conduits within the above noted East Bayfront site. Design services include 1.5km of external sanitary sewers through the busy downtown streets from East Bayfront to the Scott Street PS.


The overall project team includes several consulting firms specializing in various aspects of the East Bayfront Development. A key component to the project is that all design work must also demonstrate a high level of sustainable practice with respect to balancing environmental, social and economic considerations.


Waterfront Toronto
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
DURATION: 2007-Ongoing
CONSTRUCTION EST: Approx. $ 80 - 100 Million