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Toronto South Detention Centre (TSDC)


On behalf of the Ministry of Corrections & Community Safety, Infrastructure Ontario is constructing a new maximum security detention centre on the site of the old Mimico Correctional Facility (~ 11ha).  The proposed TSDC will consist of four main towers to house inmates along with a large administration building and a new Toronto Intermittent Centre that will replace the function of the existing Mimico facility.  The site will require an internal network of storm, sanitary and water supply services along with a new road system.  Primary members of the team consist of Ellis Don, Design Builder; and Zeidler Partnership, Lead Architect.


Low Impact Development techniques such as cisterns and bioswales have been integrated into the design along with more typical stormwater management methods such as underground storage to satisfy the WWFMG.  Grading has accommodated the various functional needs of the building itself including the integration of existing CN rail tracks located at the south end of the site.


The overall project team includes several consulting firms specializing in various aspects of the works, including tunneling, hydrogeology, and geotechnics. A key component to the project is TMIG’s responsibility for coordination of multiple designs at the major intersections.


Ellis Don
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
DURATION: 2008-Ongoing