From April 15th through 17th of this year, one of our senior water / wastewater engineers, Jega Jeganathan, participated in the 2018 WEAO Technical Symposium and OPCEA Exhibition in London, Ontario.

The Water Environment Association of Ontario and Ontario Pollution Control Equipment Organization jointly host this annual event for members, students, researchers, professionals, and other industry experts to have an opportunity to learn, educate, network, and share ideas on the water and wastewater industry.

On Day 2 of the conference, Jega presented his paper, “Screening and Grit Removal at a Sewage Pumping Station for Hauled Wastewater” at the Professional Wastewater Operators session. He discussed the design, construction, and operation of a consolidated screening grit and removal system for hauled wastewater that is discharged from a hauled wastewater receiving facility to the Aurora Sewage Pumping Station, which is currently owned and operated by the Regional Municipality of York. The completion of this project will address the following issues at the facility:

  • Solids depositing into the wet well
  • Excessive wear of equipment at the station
  • Hauled waste disposal tracking through flow monitoring, pH, and TS measurements
  • Screenings and grit from the hauled waste

Jega is currently Chair of the WEAO Collection and Conveyance System Committee, and has been an active WEAO member, and TMIG team member, since 2012.