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Credit Valley Conservation Authority - Elm Drive Low Impact Development ROW Retrofit


The Elm Drive West project involved retrofitting a length of existing ROW in the City of Mississauga to incorporate stormwater treatment within the ROW. The stakeholders involved in this project included The City of Mississauga, the Credit Valley Conservation Authority and the Peel District School Board. The retrofit was aimed at addressing SWM treatment of road runoff by implementing a combination of Low Impact Development bioretention and infiltration technologies. In addition the retrofit was designed with the objective of enhancing public awareness by creating a landscape recognizable as a ‘green/sustainable’ street.


For the proposed ROW retrofit, The Municipal Infrastructure Group was retained to undertake hydrologic analyses to establish a stormwater management strategy, complete the detailed design and provide construction administration services.


The project included preparation of a conceptual design which was then evaluated based on cost and effectiveness in providing appropriate stormwater treatment. The proposed LID measures will enhance water quality and improve the water quantity control. The proposed retrofit of Elm Drive West significantly reduces the existing release rate by 37% during the 2-year storm event to 13% during the 100-year storm event. It also reduces the runoff volume from the site by 29% during the 2-year storm event to 8% during the 100-year storm event.


CLIENT: Credit Valley Conservation Authority
LOCATION: Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
DURATION: 2010-2011