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City of Vaughan - Black Creek Stormwater Optimization Study Master Plan Class EA Phases 3 & 4


A previous Master Plan recommended that a flood prone reach of Black Creek in the City of Vaughan be reconstructed to contain the Regional Storm Flood Plain within a naturalized corridor. The reach of Black Creek is within the Vaughan Metropolitan Centre Secondary Plan Area, which is proposed for significant redevelopment and intensification. The reconstructed Black Creek corridor is also to be an important public open space and active transportation corridor.

Scope of Services

Desktop geotechnical investigation, preparation of conceptual level plan profiles, cost estimates, as well as property requirements for temporary and permanent easements, are included within the scope of services. In addition land use inventory, and natural environmental inventory are within the scope.


Our communications plan and consultation program is the most important aspect of this ongoing project. There are a large number of stakeholders involved in the project, including property developers, existing tenants and landowners, the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority, York Region (traffic and municipal services), and numerous departments within the City of Vaughan. All of these stakeholders have different objectives for the reconstruction of Black Creek. …


CLIENT: City of Vaughan
LOCATION: Vaughan, Ontario, Canada
DURATION: 2012-Ongoing