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TRCA - Black Creek SNAP


The Sustainable Neighbourhood Retrofit Action Plans (SNAP’s) are multi-disciplinary efforts to characterize a neighbourhood with respect to a range of sustainability themes, including water, energy, natural environment, waste, transportation, and generally, quality of life. Studies include extensive community consultation and lead to a recommended SNAP approach for implementation, to complement programs and services already envisioned by the municipality and associated agencies. The Black Creek Neighbourhood SNAP was commissioned by the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority in association with the City of Toronto.


TMIG, as part of a larger multi-disciplinary team, was retained by the TRCA to undertake the SNAP for the Black Creek Neighbourhood in Toronto. TMIG provided input to the overall SNAP investigation, but had specific responsibility in areas relating to water resource management, particularly to identify retrofit opportunities that could complement the City of Toronto’s Basement Flooding Improvement and Wet Weather Flow Management initiatives.


Community consultation associated with the project revealed a diverse range of neighbourhood clusters that needed to be studied independently to identify feasible sustainability retrofit opportunities. The consultation also brought to light extensive ongoing programs initiated by the local community that could be utilized to aid in the SNAP implementation.


CLIENT: Toronto and Region Conservation Authority
LOCATION: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
DURATION: 2010-Ongoing