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Township of King - Nobleton Sanitary Services


Engineering Services are being provided on a number of different contracts to supply sanitary services to the existing community of Nobleton and the Township of King.  Contracts 3 and 4A-B involve the installation of sanitary sewers and service connection leads to existing lots in the settlement area of Nobleton. The works also involve partial road reconstruction to streets within Contracts 3 and 4A-B. The construction work for Contract 8 will involve works designed and administered by Valdor Engineering for Fandor Developments and by the Region on Contract 7C. Contract 7A will involve full detailed design including topographic survey. Design elements will include sanitary sewers connected to a planned or existing outlet, service connections to approximately 78 lots any road reconstruction elements.    


TMIG is providing Contract Administration and Inspection and Materials Testing Services for Contracts 3, 4A and 4B, designed by others, Oversight Services for Contract 7C and 8 and Full Engineering Services for Contract 7A.


CLIENT: Township of King
Nobleton, Ontario, Canada 
DURATION: 2011-Ongoing
COST: $ 700,000